Thursday, April 19, 2012

Urinary Tract Infection

    On the female urinary tract infection symptoms

    Female urinary tract infection symptoms , what does? female urinary tract infection is a common disease of the summer female. The female urinary tract infection symptoms sometimes accompanied by backache and abdominal pain, then the likelihood is suffering from a urinary tract infection. Followed by experts to explain the female urinary tract infection symptoms content.

    First of all, pregnancy, the uterus will increase the compression of the bladder and ureter, the urine flow slow or to form a mild effusion, such a situation conducive to bacterial invasion and reproduction and disease. Female urinary tract infection symptoms of vaginal secretions alkaline, the lack of anti-inflammatory factor, it is difficult to inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction, resulting in urinary tract infections.
    Secondly, the reason why the female urinary tract infection symptoms the trouble of looking for female love in the summer, and the anatomy and physiology of the female structure. Because the female urethra is naturally shorter urethra in the perineum and anal area. Bacteria was easy to invade the urethra, coupled with high summer temperatures, the body sweat more particularly rich in sweat glands of the female genital.
    Then, menstruation and sexual activity can easily lead to the female urinary tract infection symptoms. The menstrual blood is a bacterial culture medium, resulting in the female perineum bacterial growth. Sexual activity before the urethra of bacteria after advancing through the mechanical action of pushing the urethra and bladder. Chronic gynecological disease (such as vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic, and attachment go far), its secretions can contaminate the urethra causing urinary tract infection.
    Finally, there is holding back urine, which is a common bad habits of the female urinary tract infection symptoms, one of the urine in the bladder to stay a long time, if a small amount of bacterial invasion, they have more time to reproduction, there are more much time to invade tissues. Solution to the problem of course is not holding back urine, even should develop the good habit of "ground" to urinate.
    In short, the female urinary tract infection symptoms, prevention is better than cure. The majority of female friends in their daily lives must pay attention to personal hygiene, drink plenty of water, female urinary tract infection symptoms of a thousand miles away, so as to spend a cool, beautiful summer. If you are female urinary tract infection have any questions, please consult our online experts.